An engine is like an orchestra. It's made up of wind, brass, percussion,

and a whole range of other complimentary sections, all working to

make that beautiful music that we call 'performance'...



When this happens, this is what awakens... Hahahahahaha!!!








About the car when I bought it:

Pictures of the car when I first bought it in October 2006:


Exterior Pics:

Pics of the car Summer 2007: 188,500 miles (97,500 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage:

Pics of the car Summer 2008: 190,000 miles (00,000 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage):

At Napierville Dragstrip on July 4th, 2008

Pics of the car Summer 2009: 192,000 miles (02,000 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage):

At Alessandro's wedding in St. Leonard... July 2009

At alignment shop after installing UMI a-arms, moog iroc springs, LS1 brakes, etc. (My appologies for the messy underbody... Will be grinding, sanding, and POR15'ing the underbody this summer!)

At parking lot of Polyvalente High School... September, 2009 (after putting in the Moog springs which raised the ride height!) Definitely too high and needs to be lowered... Drop spindles anyone? >:D

Pics of the car Summer 2010: 192,600 miles (~02,700 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage):

Pics of the car September 2010: 193,900 miles (~04,000 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage):

Before underbody was painted with POR-15:

After underbody was painted with POR-15:

Pics of the car July 2011: 195,200 miles (~05,300 miles on odometer when brought car out of storage):






new air vents (May 2007)
New cigarette lighter (May 2007)
NEW GM brake pedal (August 2007) 20$
new GM gas pedal (August 2007) 20$
new gas pedal spring+pin (May 2008) 10$
Momo Commando R steering wheel w/ hub (May 2008) 325$+80$)
Light Saddle Tan ABS plastic headliner and sail panels (August 2008) 270$
new GM power window buttons (August 2008) 75$
NEW GM REAR hatch open button (August 2008) 35$w
NEW front console ash trey (August 2008) 10$
NEW dome light cover (August 2008) 10$
NEW (4) hatch deck lid spoiler plugs (August 2008)
new seatbelt receivers (2 front), new seatbelt receiver repair kit (buttons, springs, retainers) for all 4 seats (August 2008) 100$
New shifter ball U shaped clip (August 2008) 2$
New Rear hatch panel light+bulb (August 2008) 5$
New Diagnostic Computer Port Cover (August 2008) 5$
new passenger seatbelt shoulder guard (August 2008) 10$
New Turning Signal lever (with cruise control) (August 2009) 50$
NOS GM hood latch cable (August 2009) 50$
Cigarette Lighter plug for non smokers (May 2011)
NEW GM hood latch (May 2011) (50$)


Engine block rebuilt @ ~187000 miles on car.... (speedo at 97,757) Forged internals (crank, rods, pistons, rings), bored over 0.030, ported & polished 81's with aluminum roller rockers, aluminum centerbolt valve covers, GM 'oversized' roller cam

-Intake re-done: (May 2008)
ported & polished plenum (to match 52mm TB and AS&M runners) 50$
AS&M polished large tube runners 260$
Lingenfelter accel superram aluminum base intake manifold 397$
set of stainless steel allen bolt set for TPI 50$
NEW Coolant Temperature Sensor 10$
NEW Intake Air Temperature Sensor 10$
Billet aluminum adjustable fuel pressure regulator 50$
New polished TPI water housing 20$

My own CUSTOM chip tune (500$ for equipment: TPRT, AutoProm, G1 adapter, ZIF/chips): [No: EGR, AIR, VATS, 9th injector] Rev limiter@6000. Speed limiter@255MPH, Fan on@190/off@170 (October 2010), other misc. fuel/timing tuning
Hypertech 180 thermostat (May 2007) 10$
throttle body airfoil in the stock 48mm TB (May 2007) 45$
throttle body water coolant bypass (May 2008) 15$
K+N air filters (May 2008) 80$
A/C Delete (August 2008)
Emissions EGR valve removed+blocked off (May 2008)
A.I.R. system removed
Cold start injector removed. Block off kit (billet) installed at runner and back of fuel rail (August 2008) 20$
WYSCO aluminum mechanical water pump, (25% more volume than stock) (May 2008) 50$
NEW GM oil pressure sending unit (May 2008) 20$
NEW ACCEL distributor cap+rotor (May 2008) 30$
NEW distributor gear (LT1, melanite) (May 2010) 51$
new MAF clamp (May 2008)
Gutted air box (on lower intake: baffles removed and holes precisely cut through the plastic) (August 2008)
NEW TPS sensor (August 2009) 30$
Accel 4040A 8mm spark plug wires (yellow) (August 2009) 45$
TPI fuel filter (August 2009) 19$
NEW IAC valve (August 2009) 30$
Royal Purple synthetic 10W30 oil change + Mobil 1 (M-111) oil filter (April 2011) @ 2700 miles 50$
Hitachi Enforcer Mini starter (7.5lbs, half weight of stock) (August 2009) 155$
NEW throttle cable bracket (attaches to the plenum) (May 2008) 20$
NEW throttle cable (May 2008) 45$
Distributor Base Timing @ 10* (stock is 6*)
NEW Radiator coolant bottle + cap (May 2008) 20$
Windshield washer bottle+hose deleted (2008)
NGK spark plugs (30$) (May 2011)
spark plug wire boot insulators (50$) (May 2011)
3-wire bosch oxygen sensor (NGK) 65$ (May 2011)
BMR rear battery location kit (Taylor relocation wiring kit. 2 gauge positive wire. Neg. grounded to frame) 90$ (May 2011)
Optima Redtop 35/25 battery in rear spot (175$) (May 2011)


NEW GM airdam (May 2007) 50$
Hypertech Auto Fan Switch (May 2007)
new radiator hose (May 2007)
dual electric fans (from 1989 GTA) with new GM wiring (wired properly to relay) (August 2007) 140$
NEW relay+wiring for dual fans (old fans melted) (May 2010) (10$)
NEW GM stock aluminum radiator (May 2008) 100$
NEW GM alternator pigtail+wiring (May 2008)
Used OEM 1LE NON A/C heater box+core (Fresh black painted, new gasket, good blower motor) (August 2008) 100$

Transmission/Drivetrain/Rear Differential:

Spohn Prothane black polyurethane tranny mount (Correct height!) (May 2010) 25$
Inland Empire Heavy Duty Aluminum Driveshaft (up to 800hp, or 245mph) (August 2007) 300$
Trans. yoke 1310 (August 2007)
1310 rear u-joint (August 2007) 50$
3.73 MOTIVE GEARS (GM) (June 2008) 300$
AAM rear aluminum cover (new bolts+gaskets) (June 2008)
transmission cooler B+M 14000BTU (August 2008) 70$
Custom Rebuilt 700R4 (2600 stock rebuilt stall-TQ convertor, harder shifts, more pressure, dexron 3 fluid, new filter) (August 2009) 2200$
new GM 700r4 flooor shift transmission cable (August 2009) 53$
New GM TV kickdown cable (August 2009) 40$
Transmission correct speedometer drive and driven gears for 3.73 rear end gear ratio (15 drive, 43 driven) (June 2010) 70$
Transmission speedometer driven gear plastic housing (for 40 to 43 tooth gears) (June 2010) 25$


Edelbrock Headers (A.I.R. tubes cut off and welded shut)
Stock Catalytic convertor gutted, and A.I.R. tube blocked off
Flowmaster 3" single stainless cat-back exhaust system with dual 3" polished tips (August 2007) 300$
ALL exhaust hangars / mounts replaced with stainless steel versions (May 2010) (75$)
Walker 3" stainless steel cat (stock flange) (non-air type) (September 2011) (85$)


Fiberglass Cowl Induction Hood
Smoked Front GT Lights + Smoked GT Tail Lights 150$
Limo Tint All Around
NEW aftermarket reproduction crystal clear parking lights with clear covers (August 2007) 70$
NEW aftermarket crystal clear fog lights with brackets (August 2007) 50$
new clear side marker lights (May 2008) 50$
NEW t-top outer window weatherstripping (August 2009) 100$
NEW vented gas tank filler cap (May 2008) 20$
Painted with POR15: frame, floor panels, wheel wells, gas tank, rear differential, etc. (August 2010) 270$
NEW reproduction GM sealed beam low-beam headlight (driver side)


GM steering rebuild kit (wonderbar) (center link,idler arm,2 inner tie rods,2 outer tie rods)(May 2008)250$
TDS steering brace (3 bolts into frame) (August 2007) 60$
MAC subframe connectors (weld on inside frame rails) (August 2007) 120$
UMI non-adj. torque arm w/poly bushing +rear mount screws.. angle= -2 (May 2008) 230$
Tokico HP blue performance shocks and struts (front and back) (May 2008) 270$
Tokico strut mounts (2 of them) (May 2008) 170$
NEW polyurethane sway bar front + rear bushings and links (May 2008) 40$
Two new GM upper strut mount covers (May 2008)
MAC 2pt chrome strut tower brace (May 2008) 110$
UMI lower control arm relocation brackets w/hardware (weld on) (August 2008) 70$
Black Spohn subframe connectors (August 2009) 250$
Black UMI tubular lower a-arms & new hardware (poly bushings + moog ball joints) (August 2009) 425$
NEW GM front coil spring insulator pads (August 2009) 20$
NEW GM Rear coil spring insulator pads (August 2009) 20$
Moog Front IROC replacement springs (#5662) (August 2009) 85$
Moog Rear IROC replacement springs (#5665) (August 2009) 90$
Rear Polyurethane bump stops (August 2009) 120$
Spohn adjustable lower control arm (delsphere pivot joint rear/poly body combo) (May 2010)194$
Spohn adjustable panhard bar (delsphere pivot joints/poly body combo) (May 2010)136$
Spohn Bumpsteer kit (May 2010)160$
Spohn Adjustable Camber bolts (May 2010)52$
J+M strut mounts (adjustable) (with retainers) (May 2010)217$
Spohn Shock mounted progressive bump stops (May 2010)50$
Lee Delphi Steering Box (from Sc&C) 670 version (6lbs lighter, rack+pinion valving, compact size) (August 2010) 515$
Flaming River DD Steering shaft (FLA-FR1856-S) (u-joint (FLA-FR1746DD) & CV Universal joint (FLA-FR1717DD)) 255$ (May 2011)
Koni Yellow adjustable struts and shocks (631$) (May 2011)
Tuff Stuff Power Steering Pump with bullet in reservoir (stock replacement) (September 2011) (155$)

ALIGNMENT (May 2010):





(aligned rear end with adjustable LCA, PH bar.) Total cost: 112$


Rear drum brakes completely re-done (iron drum, master cylinder, etc) (May 2007)
Installed rear aluminum drums re-finished and painted (August 2009)
LS1 Front Brake Kit (Ed Miller on 3rd (12x1.25" eradispeed rotors (DSZ), PBR 2-piston aluminum calipers black pc, ceramic pads, modified spindles (black pc), braided lines, hubs, studs, bearings, abutment bracket) (August 2009) 1200$
Stoptech street performance brake pads (street pads leaning more towards race style) (September 2011) (60$)


New chrome lugs for wheels (May 2007)
New iroc-z gold center caps (May 2008) 30$
Aluminum golden chevy bowtie air pressure caps w/ O-Ring (4) (august 2009) 20$
Firestone Firehawk Wide Oval Indy 500 245/50/R16 W rated tires (105US$ each.. + shipping = 640$) (August 2011)


New hatch shocks (May 2007) 25$
NEW hood shocks (May 2007) 25$
New wiring for reverse lights (May 2007)
Made two more sets of keys (ignition and doorlocks/t-tops) (May 2007)
NEW 8" shorty antenna (May 2007) 25$
Viper 5000 alarm system (hood, trunk, doors, hatch + motion sensor) (May 2007) (561$)
Pioneer MP3/CD player (with ipod auxiliary input) (May 2007) 175$
6x10 Sony MTX Speakers in the rear (in the sail panels) (May 2007) 300$
4x6 infinity speakers in the front (in the dash) (May 2007) 200$
new GM hood pop-up spring (August 2009) 5$
2 hood and 2 hatch NEW adjusters (screw that adjust height of hood/hatch when closed) (August 2008) 5$

Completely rebuilt doors: (August 2008)
NEW driver's side exterior door handle 40$
NEW driver's side + passenger side door lock sliders (inner) 15$
NEW driver's side + passenger side Power door lock switches / buttons 60$
NEW driver's side + passenger side Power window motor (with re-inforced screws) 110$
NEW driver's side + passenger side Inner door handles 50$
NEW driver's side + passenger side power door lock actuator motor 80$
NEW driver's side + passenger side door panel mounting clips
NEW driver's side + passenger side door lock actuator mount rivets
NEW driver's side + passenger side window regulator mount rivets
NEW driver's side + passenger side 4pc outer and inner door/window weather strip (where window passes up and down) 65$
NEW driver's side + passenger side window adjust fuzzy set (2 per side, from a 1990 Camaro... the beefier type) 20$
NEW driver's side + passenger side 4 New GM door bumpers 8$
NEW driver's side + passenger side Mirror gaskets 8$
NEW driver's side + passenger side door jamb vents 15$
NEW driver's side + passenger side door strikers 50$
NEW Soffseal door repro. weatherstripping (under and side). 90$
NEW greasable Upper door hinge bushings + lower door hinge bushings and pins (hawks set) 200$
NEW lower door hinge roller bushing+ detent pin (RH+LH) 22$
NEW door detent springs 4$

Re-adjusted/tightened driver and passenger doors: (July-August 2010)
adjusted window positions to fit perfectly
tightened everything inside that was loose / rattling (use foam, zip ties, etc.)
reconnected door panels to top rail panel to solidify them
white lithium grease on everything (latches, moving mechanisms, window track, etc.)
put black tape on door strikers to reduce metal on metal contact
Installed NEW GM POWER DOOR LOCK RELAYS (May 2011) (40$)
T-top bow roof moulding screw set of 6 (May 2011) (5$)


passenger side exterior door handle 25$
driver's side exterior door handle 25$
new abs plastic tan sunvisors
new rear hatch motor 80$
rear hatch motor plastic gear 7$
new defroster switch 45$
NEW GM Fog light front CAMARO grill with 6 new front grill clips 80$
Camaro front emblem 35$
NEW tuned port injection gold rear bumper emblem 25$
NEW IROC-Z door decals (two) 50$
NEW rocker panel tuned port injection decals (two)
Driver's side beechwood tan roof seatbelt trim (spray paint to light saddle?) 15$
MAF sensor wire pigtail
IAC sensor wire pigtail
TPS connector wire pigtail
Good used headlight switch pull knob (very clean)
4 Good used Front Seatbolt Covers
2 New sunvisor plastic support sleeves 6$
2 door water shields (vapor shields)
temp. wire insulator
new GM white print hazard lights knob 5$

NEW RH seat belt guide TAN
NEW T-Top latch striker set
NEW Gas tank straps
NEW Door panel clip set (13)
NEW Cigarette Lighter Housing

NEW GTS headlight covers (4th set!) 60$
NEW reproduction automatic shift plate (84-89 white print) (figure it out, part has to be glued) 150$

NEW sunvisor screw set (2 sets of 3) (6 screws total)
Dome & reading light bulb (2)
GM Door lock rod clip (2)
GM Turn Lever insulator

GM connector to ECM (for use with LM1 WB02 sensor kit) 7$

GM Shift Selector Bracket 15$ (May 2011)
700R4 Floor Shift cable bracket 12$ (May 2011)

New t-top weatherstripping (without hard outer part) 205$

6 new grey hatch panel plastic screws (need to paint to light saddle tan) 15$

3 new headlights (reproduction 1 low and 2 hi beam)

Spohn Steering stops for Tubular aftermarket a-arms (40$) (SELL THESE)
Spectre chrome steel alternator brackets 25$ (SELL THESE)
Cog v-groove accessory belt (alt, ps, wp) 10$ (SELL THESE)
6 new window guide felt pads (25$) (SELL THESE… THEY WERE FOR A LATE 1970's CAMARO)

Re-aim headlights with headlight aiming tool
used good headlight ring
NEW GM PCV valve
NEW Fuel vapor canister filter


Rebuilt 52mm throttle body (re-inforced shaft, bored out to 52mm, polished... send airfoil to port to match 52mm bore)
Bosch III 22lbs injectors (southbay)
New TRE fuel pump (255lph)

Wideband 02 sensor (LM-2?)

DOORS (Passenger window chipped at the top needs replacing/repair, tints need re-doing, power door locks don't budge, new water vapor shields, new lock mechanisms or clean and grease, paint under the doors (under the door seals there is rust... needs to be sanded / paint!, new outer door handles, hushmat the entire door to seal it off…

Spohn Standard Duty Adjustable TQ Arm - 700R4 (x-member w/front loop, Delsphere joint, mild steel, black pc) 422$
Adjust lower control arms to be parallel to the ground
Aluminum front hubs (flynbye hubs?)
ARP wheel studs with new lug nuts
LS1 rear brake kit (12" d/s/z rotors, black pc calipers, stainless lines, new e-brake cable, ceramic pads, etc.) 0.75" spacer

Paint car GM Iroc 86 black, and put on all decals ex:tpi,iroc-z,gold striping,emblems, NOS camaro front grill, fix driver's side fender position (pushed inwards too much), aluminum front bumper support (replacing the stock heavy steel one while nose is off), all new GM clips attaching fiberglass panels
Touch up / polish IROC wheels (aluminum surface only... tape gold off, sand metal, mother's mag aluminum polish, buff/polish)

Spray rubberized asphault underneath wheel wells in the front and rear

Paint underhood area trim black (MAF tubing, air intake box, rad support, brake fluid cover, engine bay itself, battery tray, etc.)

Complete interior restoration: complete removal including seats, carpet, dash panel, plastic panels, headliner, door panels--> clean all metal and remove rust if any. Place hushmat insulation everywhere (roof, firewall, door panels, floor, transmission tunnel, trunk, etc.), Re-paint all tan plastic pieces with the same tan color spray correct light saddle color, Hawks 4th GEN leather custom tan/black seats (-40lbs) with matching leather door panels 1000$, paint seat tracks black with POR-15
Recover stock shifter with new leather wrap & new button & paint shifter shaft and assembly
Put soft insulation in between plastic parts to prevent squeeking (silicon insulation? dash, door panels, plastic panels, shifter)
clean everything in/behind the dash (ventilation system needs to be cleaned! its dusty and dirty)


1) Finish fixing doors…. (window chip, insulate, handles, new tint, degrease and regrease door latches)
2) loose shifter, little rust, and ugly+loose shifter knob+plate with cigarette burn... (install replacement shifter plate + recover shifter knob with new button and paint shifter shaft and assembly if possible)
3) when turning wheel to the left: high pitched grinding/squeeking coming from passenger side
4) fix headliner tear under pass. sunvisor, and new sunvisors don't fit (return)! Put double sided tape to reduce vibration in middle of the headliner in between the sunvisors
5) Driver's Seatbelt headliner trim... Must paint to light saddle tan color and snap it in place! Goto store and get matching paint.
6) figure out headlight covers... GTS... Get a black sealant to go around to seal them air tight? more L brackets?
7) Replace T-Top weatherstripping (completely, including body side and a+b pillars.. kit = 250$) Remove rust if any
8) Power door locks don't work



Complete frame off body restoration (corvette black all around, underneath, and in engine bay). Weld body seams up as much as possible (including strut tower caps all around). new weatherstripping all around, all new glass everywhere (speedglass on rear hatch and door glass?), new t-top roof, hushmat every single part of metal on the inside of the car as well as plastic panel.
Carbon fiber ram air hood (2" cowl) with custom front locking latches, doors (with shaved handles), front bumper cover, fender, all ground effects, hatch deck lid
Hawks Third Gen Spoiler (made in carbon fiber?)
Lexan t-tops for racing
Custom t-top shades that can retract or open!
Roof bracing (attach from lower door sill in b-pillar all the way up and across the roof behind sail panel and headliner.. Then attach to rear subframe, and potentially across t-top roof towards a-pillars and down to the firewall to further attach roof mounting points to front and rear sections.)
Aluminum front and rear bumper support (crash bars)
Midwest Chassis 9" Aluminum center section, 2" wider than stock, 31 spline, 3.73 posi, adjustable x-member mounted torque arm, custom x-member to have exhaust over the x-member, front driveshaft loop, carbon fiber driveshaft
T-56 6 speed manual tranny with short shifter / 6 speed shifter plate… Best clutch and flywheel! Corvette oil pan
Corvette custom black/gold power seats (with IROC stitching in headrest), with matching custom leather door panels, new top panel out of carbon fiber, Repainting entire interior plastic panels (replace every panel that is cracked or old, then repaint my color), NEW GM NOS seatbelts, new speed carpet (lightweight),
LS7 engine with dry sump w/ram air intake, and AC.. (ALL NEW CUSTOM WIRING AND RELAYS FOR THE WHOLE CAR!) Titanium ceramic coated longtube headers and dual exhaust (with electric cutout right before mufflers in the rear, button hidden in ashtray). 4th geniii plastic gas tank w/racetronix fuel pump and corvette filter, Champion 3 core aluminum rad with dual fans, all stainless braided lines, custom hybrid coolant/washer fluid bottle (canton racing) mounted low and out of sight (in place of batt/canister)
Tubular UMI a-arms delrin w/bushings, Racecraft road race 4130 k-member w/rack and pinion setup 12:1 ratio, solid u-joint steering shaft, custom black steering column with push button start + cruise control, MOMO steering wheel
Custom 5 point strut tower brace (bracing strut mounts, firewall, side fender support and then that support welded to a bar that bolts to the front radiator support… Main bar also braces to the lower beefy subframe on both sides…)
Custom inner transmission tunnel lateral bracing to prevent spreading (Kenny Brown style)
Lightweight adjustable aluminum struts and shocks (Santhuff?)
Heavy duty front way bar (36mm) and 650lbs springs, 24mm rear sway bar with moog springs cut to match front height… get billet aluminum heavy duty UMI sway bar bushings!
Custom Phantom gauges? (need to pick best one). ?Carbon fiber but matching black/gold theme w/iroc engraved
Custom rear seat battery mount location (completely hidden under passenger rear seat, vented to the outside
ALL NEW 4130 SUSPENSION PEICES with del-sphere joints.. UMI Upper PHB relocator, with UE chassis/axle reloc. brackets with re-enforced chassis mounting point (cut off excess bracket)
Front/Rear Brakes: Corvette C6 Z06 14" DSZ, 6 PISTON… Aluminum re-inforced mini hydroboost master cylinder (adjustable)
Aluminum front hubs
Racecraft 2" dropped spindles
CUSTOM IROC 18x9.5 inch gold/polished aluminum wheels (SAME STYLE AS MINE BUT BIGGER!) (Oasis custom wheels?)
275/35/18 Goodyear Supercar tires all around! (PERFECT FIT FOR 18x9.5" RIM!!!)
Modifications to the inner wheel well, headers, sway bars, tie rod ends, etc. so that wheel does not rub when turned to full lock
GTS blackout lights front/rear (PROPERLY INSTALLED!!!)
Blacked out 3rd brake light (plexiglass cut to fit with adhesive strips)
HID headlights and LED rear-taillights (LED lights all around everywhere else in the car) (able to change bulb from behind housing because the headlight covers will not permit bulb changes from the front)
New head unit (most modern, best quality MP3 CD / IPOD / Hard disk player that exists with screen, wireless iphone capable
Custom IROC wheel (18") that is skinny enough to fit around brakes but fit in rear trunk compartment (put in bag)